Sunday, October 19, 2014

My passion project is getting better. Notice the word better not great, not good, just better. My plan for the project is becoming more set in stone, and I have a better idea for where I am going with my project. First I have to get all of my basic research found such as the muscles in the eye, how the eye is connected to the brain, etc. Then if any other questions arise during the research find them! After this if there is anything else that I cannot find, I will try to find some other source to get that information such as eye doctors, etc. After that I will decide on a way to present my ideas, poster, PowerPoint, Prezi.

     After that I don’t really know what I will do, but that is OK for now because I assume that the research part will take longer than I expect, so by the time I am done I will hopefully have a better idea of where I am going from there. The only thing that I can ask of the class is that they have any other sources whether they are sites, or people to please suggest them to me because while I do have some sites that I have bookmarked, I don’t know where to look!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Passion Project Update

My passion project is giving me a hard time. I am having a hard time deciding where I want to begin, whether I should start writing up interview questions, who I should interview, if I should try and find information first, what should I search for first, and so on. Its not a problem of finding information, its what I should find first and where to start. I always end up switching between pages not really accomplishing anything. I am going to have to think of what I want to get out of this most out of the project and look ofr that first in order to have some kind of plan.